About Our Company

We are focused on manufacturing quality dental instruments and surgical instruments for our customers worldwide. We have been serving the medical industry for 3 generations. Years of experience and our expertise in manufacturing have made us one of the leading and award winning organizations in Sialkot.

Medisporex was founded by Late Ch. Ghulam Hussain. Since its inception the company has grown many folds. Under the leadership of its current Chairman Ch. Muhammad Akram and Managing Director Ch. Abdul Rehman, Medisporex has established itself as a very dynamic corporation. Three generations strong, the company welcomed grandsons of Ghulam Hussain in its leadership roles. The journey from the start to where it is today has been a dream for the family and it is a cherished souvenir of this continued journey. Medisporex Pvt Ltd is an award winning and a leading manufacturer and exporter of dental instruments, surgical instruments and instruments for dental laboratories. We are manufacturing a broad range of products made from premium quality materials. Continuous evolution of our manufacturing practices guarantees our product’s compliance and acceptance to international standards for Medical Devices. Our organization has been manufacturing dental instruments and surgical instruments in Sialkot for many years. We have been working with our foreign partners for development of new products and have provided manufacturing services for multiple innovations in the medical industry. The company prides itself for decades of experience, lifetime of achievements and its products being exported to all continents of the world. Our contribution to the medical industry has established our reputation over the years. Striving to improve our manufacturing techniques and contributing in world’s healthcare has been and will remain our goal in the future


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