Blog - Using Surgical and Dental Instruments First Time

By Bilal Akram 9/7/2017 12:40 PM

Medisporex Pvt Ltd supplies all dental instruments and surgical instruments in a non-sterile condition. Each instrument is inspected, lubricated and individually packed. Before use professionals must wash the instruments using a neutral detergent/degreaser suitable for stainless steel. It is vital to wash and clean each instrument thoroughly before each use to avoid complications. Always use nylon bristle brushes (never use steel bristle brush) to brush off excess particles, dirt, debris etc. Always rinse instruments individually.

To avoid contamination instruments must be cleaned thoroughly using a recommended detergent with soft bristled brush. If using automated cleaning system always follow manufacturer’s instructions for use. Professionals should never place dental instruments and surgical instruments made of dissimilar metals together in an automatic cleaning machine.

After cleaning instruments must always be disinfected using recommended methods. Professionals using instruments must always ensure that instruments are free from defects by inspecting instruments visually. Sterilization of the instruments can be carried out after drying, lubrication (always use surgically approved products) and packing in a recommended way. Dental instruments and surgical instruments with any signs of corrosion or defects must be discarded immediately.

For complete instructions of use contact the manufacturer of instruments.